Engineering & consulting partner

SOLID Group offers adequate engineering, outsourcing and consulting support to ensure that our clients meet their goals and increase their performance and efficiency.

We offer a customized services with a high degree of technical expertise and innovative solutions for the development of projects in different branches of engineering and operational areas.

The mission is to achieve continuity with our clients to support their know-how, share our knowledge/information and give technological support to meet the goals of each project, always working on confidentiality and respect.

Engineering consulting partner


At SOLID Group we strongly believe that being flexible and adapting to the needs of our clients is the key to mutual success. We understand our client’s challenges as we have experienced similar situations. Our multi-disciplinary team is ready to do projects in a back office or outsourcing way.

We would be pleased to discuss any challenges you may currently have in order to start a solid long term working relationship with your company. Contact us!

SOLID Group Services

Do you need support to improve your activities?

SOLID Group is a technological consultancy company that offers adequate support to ensure that our clients meet their goals increasing performance and efficiency.


Outsourcing engineering services

We help our customers by supporting teams of consultants specialized in engineering and operational areas:

- Customized solutions with external work teams.

- Flexibility and rapid adaptation to customer needs.

- High degree of knowledge and expertise. [more info]

We have expertise in Outsourcing services in a wide variety of sectors and areas as Operations, Mechanical development, Electronic development and Quality.


Back Office Engineering Services

Remote Support through our offices and workshops manufacturing techniques:

- Simulation projects FEM and CFD.

- Turnkey projects.

- Offshore services. [more info]

Back office engineering services that we offer cover all related to the product development cycle as: FEM & CFD Simulation, Mechanical Design, Electronic Design, Tooling, Test Benches, Offshore Services, Prototyping & Short Series.

Lastest News

Monday 2014-08-11

New office in China

New office of Solid Engineering in China

The new office in Suzshou intensifies even more the expansion of the company in the Asian market[more]

Wednesday 2014-06-25

An optimistic corporate summer meeting

Òscar Serret, CEO of Solid Engineering, highlights the importance of not unnecessarily prolonging the working day: "Labour presenteeism has no future".[more]

Thursday 2014-06-12

Solid Engineering collaborates on the 3rd edition of MotoStudent competition

MotoStudent is an international university competition that consists of designing and developing a prototype of a motorcycle competition.[more]

Wednesday 2014-06-04

Coffee symposium in SOLID Engineering offices

Coffee symposium in SOLID Engineering offices

The event aimed to show the professional operation of the business to attendees, advanced engineering students and future engineers.[more]

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